Homeschool was the best choice for our children’s education and wellbeing

We had planned to have both our sons attend public school and chose our home based on its proximity to school: we are within two blocks of both K-4 and 5-9 schools. Prior to our oldest son starting kindergarten he was a vibrant, inquisitive, outgoing child that loved books and generally absorbed anything anyone would stop to talk to him about. He appeared wise beyond his years and was very intellectual.
Initially he was excited to start school but as time went on he became withdrawn and had high anxiety relating to school. He felt he was “dumb” compared to his peers and was very resistant to any formal curriculum assignments. I volunteered many times in his class and worked with his teacher but he continued to grow more withdrawn. Grade one was worse, his anxiety was overwhelming for him. He cried at school and was terrified at recess, and he had many incidents with children teasing and picking on him and other kids around him. The social pressures caused a great deal of anxiety, despite that fact that he also made many new friends.
We could not let him continue like this and began looking at all our options ultimately deciding homeschool was the best choice for our children’s education and wellbeing. This choice required a lot of commitment from us. I had to make many changes with my business to support our new lifestyle. It has had many financial implications to us as well; however, it has been worth all of it. Both our children are flourishing; they are engaged, excited to learn and are both very happy, well adjusted kids. They have opportunities today they never would have had in a brick and mortar school, and we now look forward to the vast opportunities they will have in their lives because we made this choice.

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