Flexibility that suited his learning style

We have three sons who started out in the public education system. Our eldest son had a history of difficulty engaging in his classes and the theme was the same at every parent conference: “he is bored, does not seem interested, acts up, too social.” It was finally suggested that we have him tested for giftedness. Testing indicated he is highly gifted and also has mild ADHD. We tried to work with the school however the school’s emphasis was placed on his ADHD symptoms and there did not seem to be any energy or enthusiasm for working with our son where he was at, in terms of learning and potential.

We also explored some alternative learning options, such as a charter school focusing on exceptional students, but were told that the school was very unlikely to have any openings in the foreseeable future and this indeed, has been the case for the past two school years. A teacher suggested we explore the option of homeschooling and when we did some research, we found the flexibility to move our son through the prescribed curriculum in a way that suited his learning style but also offered the opportunity to enhance his learning by exploring other interests. We have subsequently moved our other two sons into homeschooling and they have both settled into this more flexible and adaptive style of learning.

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