First Steps

Homeschool Boards

Private schools, and associate boards that register and supervise Alberta Home Education programs, regardless of location.

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Homeschool Programs

What homeschool program is the best? What will work well with your family?  What are your options?

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Common Questions

If you are new to homeschooling or have been educating at home for some time, you may encounter some common questions.

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Homeschool Stories

Why do you homeschool?  A common question all homechooler are asked.  Read some stories collected from our members.  If you want to share yours, please email it!

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Homeschool Myths

Homeschooling is not mom at the blackboard in the kitchen.  And, yes, you CAN homeschool your child without a Bachelor of Education degree.

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Homeschool Events

View our calendar of homeschooling events, conferences, webinars, curriculum sales, meetings and more. Please let us know if there are any missing that we should included.

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