Family is very important to us

We homeschool because I truly do want to provide my children with the best education possible. Not just academics, but life skills and personal development, that a school setting may not be able to offer them.

Family is very important to us and I want to see us grow together and learn from each other. It provides us more time to focus on anything that we need to work on and it makes a bond that will continue into their adult lives. I do believe that as parents, we know our children best, how they learn and what they are capable of, without limits. As a taxpayer, I think in order to provide this education, we should still be entitled the same, equal opportunities that any child in a public system has available to them. I am very grateful that the government does offer us homeschooling as a choice, but it shouldn’t come with less funding for our children. I am looking forward to the coming years of homeschooling both my children and watching them reach their full potential.

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