Encourages self-directed learning

We are a family of 5 – 3 boys homeschooling in grades 4, 6 and 8. We don’t have any issues with the school system, we are not homeschooling for religious reason and our children have no learning issues or special needs. In fact they are above grade level. I mention this because it is often assumed that we choose to homeschool because our children or our values don’t fit with the public school program. On the contrary – they would “fit” just fine.

We have homeschooled our children from day one because we believe it is a better way for OUR family to approach learning. They require far less time than what is required in the classroom, can sleep as they need it, learning what they choose (meaning they certainly meet all the learning outcomes but can spend more or less time on a subject as they see fit) and are not bound to a school year or a timeline. As a result we are closer as a family because we spend more time together and our children’s academic needs are met immediately because their instruction is largely one to one. No classroom can offer that. We often hear about socialization and try not to cringe. Socialization is not exclusive to the school environment – we live in Calgary and participate in Sea Cadets, martial arts, parkour, swimming, Scouts, the Calgary Regional Heritage Faire (and win!!) and volunteer annually with Beakerhead.

Why do we homeschool? Because it offers individual attention on the spot and encourages self-directed learning which will carry them into adulthood to be lifelong learners. We would choose this route regardless of what is offered in the school system.

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