Best way to meet the unique educational needs of my children

I am currently a full-time home school parent. My son is 12 and in grade 7, and my daughter is 9 and in grade 4. They have both been home schooled since day 1. I was also home schooled in Calgary, along with my brother, from grades 1 – 9 back in the ’80s and ’90s. My brother and I attended Bishop Carroll High School (its asynchronous learning environment was a great follow-up to home schooling) for our gr. 10 – 12 education. Since then, my brother completed a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a medical degree (he is currently doing his residency in otolaryngology) and I have completed two bachelor’s degrees (philosophy and education) and worked for several years as a home school facilitator and teacher before staying at home full-time to home school my children.

I believe home schooling is the best way to meet the unique educational needs of my children because I can tune in to their interests and facilitate their learning as their interests dictate. It is when children are engaged and interested that the best learning opportunities arise, and the minimal ratio of adults to children affords a fantastic opportunity to best facilitate these moments. As a home school facilitator, I have encouraged my families to capitalize on these opportunities and helped them to realize the ways in which much of what happens naturally actually meets programs of study objectives and learner outcomes as articulated by the Alberta Programs of Study learning outcomes.

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