Alberta Education Meeting

Alberta EducationOn November 18, 2016, Ellen Behm, AHEPS Vice-President, met with Alberta Education representatives. We are happy to report that this was a very encouraging and productive meeting.

Alberta Education requested the meeting because they wanted some input on how the government could improve home education, including the Home Education Regulations. The rep stated that the government has no desire or plans to limit home education in Alberta. He stated that he was very happy to have our organization in place to help them to improve their services to home educators.

Ellen provided the following information about AHEPS:

  1. We are an inclusive organization aiming to represent all home educators in the province, regardless of background or educational approach. We support 100% home education and blended families, and also aligned (teacher-led) families. We understand that aligned isn’t under the Home Education Regulation but those families often consider themselves homeschoolers and we want to help them with their concerns as well as to help all understand their rights and responsibilities and what to expect from their boards.
  2. We want to protect parents’ ability to allow their children to learn in the way that works best for their children and family.
  3. We support appropriate levels of home education funding so that financial circumstances are not a barrier to a family’s choice of education.

alberta-educationThe AHEPS Board of Directors is optimistic about our ability as an organization to impact the quality of home education in Alberta through our new relationship with the government. We ask homeschool families to help by continuing to relay your concerns and ideas to us.

Thank you for any support you can provide to us through your memberships and donations.

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